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It is a treatment which, with the help of low- frequency current, causes muscle contraction similar to that which occurs during physical exercise. In a convenient way we get results almost identical to many hours of training at the gym. 


The best effects of fat reduction can be observed on the abdomen, thighs and buttock. Electrostimulation is an alternative to physical exercise due to other illnesses.

Thin girl measuring her abdomen near fat one.jpg


  1. Improvement of connective tissue tension 

  2. Reduction of cellulite 

  3. Slimming 

  4. Improvement of blood circulation 

  5. Modelling the figure 

  6. Weight loss 

  7. Oxygenation of blood 

  8. Muscle building and strengthening 

  9. Improvement of skin  firmness

DURATION: 30 minutes



Single session £25

We invite you to discover the benefits of our treatments by watching our videos.

Plus Size Models


This is a specialized device for massage, which clearly stimulates the production of new lymphatic fluids and the expansion of lymphatic vessels. It is one of the most effective methods of slimming and eliminating cellulite.

Woman in Underwear


  1. Weight reduction 

  2. Firming and smoothing the skin

  3. Removal of residual water skin in the limbs - elimination of edema

  4. Elimination of cellulite 

  5. Detoxification 

  6. Cellulite removal 

  7. Rest and relaxation 

  8. Circulation stimulation- elimination of cold feet syndrome

DURATION: 30 minutes

Woman in Grey Swimsuit


Single session £15

Lymphatic drainage plus body wrap only £30

Undergarment Model


The versatility of our body wraps are perfect for a quick toning and cellulite reduction before a special occasion, wedding etc.

The slimming wrap procedure is one of the safest methods of body shape correction and weight loss. 100% natural ingredients. 


During the procedure, we wrap the client in with a special wrap, cover the body with a lymphatic compression suit and let the components of the wrap activate. 


Excessive centimetres, swelling and cellulite are eliminated when using wraps. With one procedure, the average loses -5cm of body circumference.

Casual Wear


  1. Loss of centimeters

  2. Removes excess water from the body

  3. Reduction of cellulite 

  4. Slimming 

  5. Modelling the figure 

  6. Improvement of skin  firmness

DURATION: 30 minutes

Happy Woman Posing


Single session £20

Underwear Models


You can burn up to 600 calories in one 30 minutes session. Our Carbon Fir Sauna strengthens immunity, speeds up the metabolism, supports fat burning, and

more benefits while you relax. 


The infrared sauna heats the body thanks to infrared radiators which produce infrared waves penetrating up to 4.5 cm under the skin.


As a result the body sweats much and loses 250% more fluids than in a traditional sauna. The temperature in the infrared sauna is up to 75 degrees. It is not necessary to take off the clothes inside.


Another advantage is that it can be used with an open door which is important for people who suffer from claustrophobia.



  1. Strengthens immunity 

  2. Speeds up the metabolism 

  3. Supports fat burning  

  4. Oxygenates and nourishes the body

  5. Cleans the skin and eliminates cellulite 

  6. Supports the production of collagen 

  7. Helps in rheumatic ailments, back pain, root pain and sciatica 

  8. Removes toxins and heavy metals from the body

  9. Relaxes body and mind

  10. Releases endorphins

DURATION: 30 minutes

Woman Dancing


Single session  £25

Buy 5 sessions for £100

Buy 10 sessions for £150

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